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Casting Call: Want to Move to Paradise?

We've all done it.  Traveled to an exotic locale on vacation, and pondered the "What-if's".  "What if I never went home?", "What if I quit my job and lived here FOREVER?".  Well, an upcoming reality show is putting those questions to the test, and a local casting director is looking to give the perfect Pittsburgher their 15 minutes (or more) of fame.
Here is what they told me.....(lazy cut and paste alert ahead):

Do you, like everyone else, know someone that has been saying that they're going to quit their job and move somewhere tropical? Or maybe they're tired of their life up north, in the snow, and yearn for California. Whatever their dream residence, a major cable network has an opportunity for them. We're casting a pilot that will give this "dreamer" a real look at their ideal locale, discuss the feasibility of actually quitting their job and living comfortably in a new environment. They WILL get to travel to their dream location to investigate realistically. At the conclusion of the episode, they'll have all the information needed to actually follow through on their claims -- or return to their life and job back home. The ideal candidate is 30+, has a job and family that will be impacted by their decision, and has a destination in mind (for the first episode, we're focusing on North America and the Caribbean). Candidates will be expected to film a short, 3-5 minute video of themselves answering a series of questions. Please send the following information to the e-mail address below, and I'll respond with the video instructions FULL NAMES (your own, your spouse's, any children or family members who will be involved) MARITAL SITUATION (single, married, divorced, etc) AGES (of everyone) OCCUPATIONS (and the duration at current job) CURRENT LOCATION (city and state) DREAM LOCATION REASONS FOR A CHANGE OF SCENERY (will be more in-depth in the video, just a summary) CONTACT INFO (phone numbers and e-mail addresses).

Michael Petrella Casting Director 

Good Luck!  

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