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Merry Christmas! - A Perfect Pierogi

Every year, little sis and I get together to whip up a few hundred or so of my families' traditional pierogi (pierogies?).  I shared the recipe a few years back, but forgot to mention about that whole "1 Tbsp butter" thing that you need to add to the dough.  VERY important...
Needless to say, we have refined our technique over the years. mostly thanks to this little guy:

It is very clearly named a "Tart Maker" (it is stamped right on the top), however, when Grams handed it down to me she called it a "Pierogi Punch", and since the darn thing is 2 generations older than I, who am I to tell it differently? Plus, it literally changed my life as far as annual pierogi making goes.  I did find it for you, under the Antique Gadgets on Amazon.  Merry Christmas! There is also this one, if you go for new-fangled stuff.  Also, I added a Silpat Mat last year.  Not quite as hard to find, and worth every penny.

Visit the orginal recipe here.  As far as punching goes, these were our steps.  It is entirely possible I am using this thing wrong, but since the instructions probably landed in the trash oh say, 50 years ago, I'm not stressing about it.  Besides, our methods worked.

Step one: Use the circular edge to make a lovely, perfect circle.

Step two:  Fill with a generous spoonful of filling.

Step three: Fold over and lightly press to seal

Step four: Lay punch over sealed pierogie, and press down firmly on the handle

and, Voila!

A Perfect Pierogi.

Here's wishing you a very Happy Holiday filled with your own family traditions!!

PS. A very special "Thank You" to Giant Eagle Market District (Shadyside), for coming through with the elusive Dry Cottage Cheese again this year!!

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