Friday, July 1, 2011

Better 'Burgh Living: Getting Lost in the Moment, Literally

A "Twisted Tree" in the heart of Frick Park

When Emily suggested a hike for the "exercise" portion of our project, I thought she was spot-on.  It was the perfect "I'm-exercising-but-not-really" way to trick my body into actually doing something that was good for it.  I've always been partial to Frick Park.  Back in my early years in Pittsburgh, I lived in Regent Square, and loved the proximity to nature that the park provided.  Over the course of my years in the 'Burgh however, my trips to the park became fewer and farther between, and then pretty much became nil as I moved to the far away land of Shadyside.  (pathetic - no?)

It was a perfect day as we set out on our adventure; sunny and in the 70's.  We started with a brisk pace and an optimistic outlook.  Emily let me make most of the navigational decisions, which we soon realized was probably a grave error, since not only did I seem to have a knack for finding an uphill path every time, but we were very quickly and decidedly lost within about 15 minutes.  We didn't mind too awfully much though, since as we moved deeper into the park, we saw some pretty incredible moments of nature like the "twisted tree" above, which gave Emily chills, and this...

and this.....

and this....

So, although we were definitely lost for a good portion of the hike, we didn't really mind since we were enjoying all there was to see.  After a while however, Emily pulled out her phone's navigation program, and we wound our way slowly back out of the park. Since we were so close, I couldn't resist stops at two of my favorite places in Regent Square that I wanted to share with Emily.  Our first stop, Animal Nature to buy some treats for our pups, and then Rose's Ice Cream, to buy some treats for me!

C'mon, I earned it!

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1 comment:

Emily said...

love it! what a fun hike. perfect weather. perfect company. and really, who cares if we went on the "right path".

thanks for teaching about the awesomeness that is animal nature. the pupperoni LOVES her elk antler.