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Calling Pittsburgh Home (Again)

Pop City Media published this fabulous article today regarding former Pittsburgh residents who are returning to the city again. This article is particularly uplifting, considering the recent news that our population dipped below that of Toledo, Ohio. With the exciting new residential and commercial developments happening in areas such as the East Liberty Corridor, Downtown, and Lawrenceville, this looks as if it is a temporary setback, and Pittsburgh is sure to come back stronger and better than ever! The article features specific individuals who have returned, and why they have chosen to do so. One often overlooked and under appreciated reason, the Topography of the city, is something residents don't seem to miss until it is gone! I recently blogged on some of the special features of Pittsburgh and the preservation of the "green spaces" that make our city stand out above the rest. I know I would certainly miss driving down Bigelow Boulevard and not seeing the Wild Turkey extravaganza I am treated to every morning - only minutes from Downtown! Of course, Pittsburgh will always be a Big City with Small Town charm. No other city is as friendly as Pittsburgh, and that is something I look forward to way more than the Wild Turkeys on Bigelow.

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