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Good Day Sunshine - The East Liberty Street Festival

Nothing better than a street festival in my own backyard (almost).  Despite the smaller scale - this festival was big on entertainment and FUN...and sunshine.

The Bloomfield Saturday Market

Conversations with my husband at the beginning of the summer usually start something like this:

"Oh, we definitely can't miss that this year...."

Inevitably, we miss something every year, because there is just so much to do in Pittsburgh if you know what to look for.

I was determined NOT to miss the grand opening of the Bloomfield Saturday Market though. Its mix of local vendors and a super, kid-friendly atmosphere makes me want to go back every week! Plus, there is something so amazing about whipping up a salad made with fresh local greens as soon as you get back home. We went early, which I think may explain my lovingly crafted photograph from the Zeke's Coffee tent. I was pretty happy to see them there.  My husband and son on the other hand were ALL OVER the wood fired breakfast pizza from Wood Fired Flatbreads.

This Saturday, don't miss entertainment from guitarist Rino Calandra from 10-12:30.

See you there!

In the "Entrepreneurial Spotlight" with Propelle

Me (center) with Emily Levenson and Carrie Nardini of Propelle

The amazing women behind Propelle have always been some of my favorite people. They inspire me to constantly challenge myself and bring my business to another level. Although I'm sharing this almost a month after its "debut" on their blog, it is appropriate that it should accompany the recent re-branding of 'Burgh Living, since I don't think I would have done it without their support!
Incidentally, I cannot recommend Propelle's "Rock It" community enough. It's a great group of small business owners who I am consistently in awe of.  I always turn to this group for guidance and advice on running a small business, and have made some solid connections.
Needless to say, I was so grateful for the opportunity to be featured on the blog, and hope that it gives you an opportunity to have some new insight into what I do.

Read the 'Burgh Living feature here

Legendary Locals of Pittsburgh

An intriguing book by author Joann Cantrell is making its way onto shelves today, and when a press release landed in my inbox with an excerpt from the book including Roger Humphries, I knew I wanted to let you know about it!
You see, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Humphries during one of the 'Burgh Watching episodes we filmed at the Manchester Craftmen's Guild.  It was such a huge honor to be among so many talented people for that interview, and Roger was humble, kind and gracious.
That theme runs through each of the nearly 80 vignettes featured in the book.  These locals have shaped what we are known for here in Pittsburgh; being a compassionate, down to earth and hard working town. Many of those included may be unknown to most of us.  According to Cantrell:

"I was most interested in the “unsung heroes.” Pittsburgh has many individuals who have quietly dedicated their time or life to a particular mission or cause, making a lasting impact on the community without recognition. People like Edith Balas, a holocaust survivor and art history professor at Carnegie Mellon University; Elmer Parks, a retired administrator for Pittsburgh Public Schools who was the most unlikely person to become a teacher; and Dr. Kenneth Garver, a champion for children who was loved and revered by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. These humble individuals left a lasting impression on the Pittsburgh community without others realizing the impact they made."

Legendary Locals of Pittsburgh is available at events, area bookstores, independent retailers, online retailers, and through the publisher at www.legendarylocals.com or (888)-313-2665.  You can meet the author during her book signing at Barnes and Noble (1000 Cranberry Square Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 16066) on Sunday January 25th at 1pm.

In the meantime, check out the interview with Roger, and the rest of the talented individuals from the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, in this episode of  'Burgh Watching from the archives:

Trek the Slopes this Weekend!

Featured Artist: Debbie Jacknin of Mosaic Glass Creations

One of the best things about living in Pittsburgh is the history that each neighborhood not only maintains, but celebrates with gusto.  A perfect example is the yearly Step Trek held in the South Side Slopes  This iconic neighborhood brims with nostalgia of days gone by, with houses perched almost impossibly upon hillsides, some accessible only by one of those famous staircases.
10% of Pittsburgh's 712 sets of stairs can be found in the Slopes as a matter of fact, and this year, on October 5th, you can trek them all! Of course, if you have the cardiovascular stamina of a gnat like myself, you can choose one of the simpler routes.
Regardless of your choice, it is a great way to spend a brisk fall morning, and I happen to have a discount code to share!  When you visit Showclix to purchase your tickets, enter the code "burghliving" to receive $2.00 off  The event also benefits the Brashear Association Food Pantry, so be sure to bring a canned food item along to donate.  

BONUS!  I am also giving away two free Step Trek tickets!  Visit the 'Burgh Living Facebook page and share your favorite piece of history about the South Side Slopes (comment on the post at the top of the page).  A winner will be chosen from the responses.  Of course, be sure to "like" the page while you are there.

For more information about the Step Trek, visit the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association website.